Install and administer a galaxy instance connected to a cluster

This is the same as managing it on a vm that is not connected to a cluster. Except that some cluster settings need to be templated out to galaxy and you may not want to run the playbook as a sudo user on the remote host.

Check out the cluster.settings example for cluster settings examples.

Root required parts

Install docker and required packages on the remote machine

This does not create the users. As it assumes that the users are already present on the cluster.

ansible-playbook main.yml -e "host=HOSTNAME run=install_cluster_prerequisites"   

If you want to create the users, and want to create the ssh_key_pairs so you do not need to run as a sudo user:

ansible-playbook main.yml -e "host=HOSTNAME run=install_prerequisites galaxy_docker_create_user_ssh_keys=True"   

Root not required

All the management steps that are described in the administration of a vm run without root rights. To install galaxy on a cluster without using a sudo user:

ansible-playbook main.yml -e "host=HOSTNAME run=install_galaxy_cluster galaxy_docker_run_privileged=False"