Known issues

Deprecation warnings

The following warning is caused by the jdauphant.nginx role.

[DEPRECATION WARNING]: The use of 'include' for tasks has been deprecated.

The change from include: to include_tasks and import_tasks has been made in 2.4. As soon as jdauphant.nginx is updated to reflect this change the dependency in galaxy-docker-ansible will be changed as well.

host_vars and group_vars are ignored.

If you have been using an older version of galaxy-docker-ansible these variables would be stored as .settings files. By default ansible only reads YAML and JSON-type files. The fact that it would read files with other extensions as well was a bug that was fixed in ansible >= 2.3.1.

The solution is to rename *.settings files to *.yml files.

SSH connections fail during playbook.

In older versions of galaxy-docker-ansible ansible_connection=ssh was included in the host file as an example variable. Removing this variable should fix the issue. (Ansible's default is ansible_connection=smart)

Galaxy does not automatically restart when the VM restarts

The VM needs to be restarted at least once before this works. Simply restart the VM again and the galaxy docker container should be launched.