Developer documentation

Galaxy-docker-ansible structure

Galaxy-docker-ansible consists of multiple files and directories. Each with their own function.

  • A docs/ folder which contains the documentation. The documentation is automatically created using mkdocs. The structure is defined in mkdocs.yml.
  • A main.yml that is the main playbook for running galaxy-docker-ansible.
  • A files/ folder that contains the files to customize the galaxy instances
  • A host_vars/ and a group_vars folder to contain the variables for each galaxy instance.
  • A licenses/ folder that contains the project's licenses
  • A run/ folder that contains the yaml files needed for running galaxy-docker-ansible
  • A test/ folder containing the tests.
  • A roles/ folder containing the roles where the action happens.

It contains some other files such as:

  • .git* files for git functionality
  • .yamllint.yml specifies the yamllint settings.
  • .travis.yml and tox.ini for the tests.
  • ansible.cfg configuration for ansible.
  • hosts.sample example hosts file.
  • requirements.yml with ansible role dependencies.