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What is galaxy-docker-ansible?

Galaxy-docker-ansible is an ansible playbook directory containing all the roles to install the bgruening/docker-galaxy-stable image on a server running docker.

It also contains a installdocker role to install docker on a Ubuntu or CentOS server.

Why galaxy-docker-ansible?

Using the docker-galaxy-stable image simplifies running a galaxy server. However the container must be set-up using the exact settings you want. Doing this from the command line is cumbersome, and using a script is not scalable.

Galaxy-docker-ansible uses the power of ansible to set up a galaxy instance using the docker-galaxy-stable image. It allows you to set all the necessary variables and start the galaxy instance with just one command.


  • Complete deployment of a galaxy instance with just two commands.
  • Configuration in easy to understand yaml files.
  • Use the example host files to quickly get started
  • Use the cluster example host to get the image running on your cluster
  • Install prerequisites including docker on a Ubuntu or CentOS server
  • Automatic provisioning
  • The galaxy docker container is restarted on reboot of the system (requires restart, check known issues)
  • Running the deployment script as a non-privileged user (root required for prerequisites script)

Report issues

Issues can be reported to our github issue tracker. Please check our known issues page first.